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Residential Leasing

Pollard and Bagby, Inc. has long been a leader in the leasing of residential property and currently services one of the largest rental accounts in Richmond, VA. The company has a reputation for demonstrating the highest level of experience, competence and integrity.

Whether a person is looking for an apartment, condominium, townhome or house, the residential leasing specialists of Pollard & Bagby, Inc., are prepared to assist them. The company's performance over the past 100 years, for a steadily growing list of customers or clients, is our proof of satisfaction.

Residential Sales

Pollard & Bagby, Inc. began its business over 100 years ago as a sales organization, and today continues this prime function as one of Richmond's most aggressive firms. Leadership in sales doesn't come easily. At Pollard & Bagby Inc., we believe education and research are vital factors in building a successful sales record. Our staff continually works to expand its capability through participation in local and state association programs and service, and by maintaining close ties with the mortgage banking industry.

Experience has proven this policy to be effective. And in sales, more than 100 years of successful experience is a pretty good thing to have going for you.