Professional property management services allow owners of residential and commercial properties to rest assured that their investment is both well-maintained and producing maximum income.

Let our experienced management team handle everything – from leasing and collecting rent, to performing tenants¹ repair requests and answering late-night plumbing emergencies – the professionals at Pollard and Bagby have the resources to do the job right.

If you have Residential or Commercial Property that needs our management services and are looking for information, below is a list of services which we provide and a description of each. We are always interested in obtaining property to manage and a member of our professional leasing staff will be happy to assist you with your questions and concerns as to how your property and account will be handled.

Our Services Include:

  • Property Inspections
  • Property Maintenance
  • Handling After Hours, Weekend, and Holiday Emergencies
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Showing and Leasing Property
  • Obtaining and Reviewing Rental Applications
  • Handling Proper Disbursements of Security Deposits
  • Collection of Rent and Late Fees
  • Sending Timely Monthly Statements to our Landlords
  • Payment and Recording of Invoices
  • Our Property Management Staff

Property Inspections

Property inspections are performed by our leasing agents and maintenance coordinators to assure that the landlord’s property is maintaining its proper condition. We will also perform tenant “move-out” inspections to determine if your property is left clean and in good repaired condition. If a repair is required on your property, our property maintenance coordinators will be notified.

Property Maintenance

Our Property Maintenance Area is divided into two departments, Residential and Commercial. Both departments are directed to handle repairs and maintenance by following the landlord’s specific instructions. If and when a repair or maintenance issue is required on the property, the maintenance coordinator will contact the landlord directly to discuss the nature of the repair, receive instructions and obtain approval to make the repair. In some cases, our maintenance coordinator, will follow the landlord’s instructions that they may have previously been provided with. We will not have work performed at the property without landlord’s authorization. We use a variety of outside licensed and insured contractors to provide estimates and repairs. Once we receive the landlord’s approval to have a repair made, our maintenance staff will dispatch the appropriate contractor and “follow-up” to confirm that the repair has been done, and done properly. Our maintenance coordinators are available during business hours to discuss any concerns you may have regarding maintenance to your property. The goal of our maintenance department is to handle property maintenance using the landlord’s specific instructions to accomplish the repair or any property improvement. Good communication between our office and our landlords is the key to meeting this goal.

Handling After Hours, Weekend, and Holiday Emergencies

During the hours which our office is closed – to include after 5 PM and before 9 AM Monday through Friday, weekends and a very few holidays – we will have an “on duty” person to handle any emergency calls regarding your property. The “on duty” person will have a set of instructions, specific to the landlord’s property, on how to handle any emergency that may occur.

Marketing and Advertising

In an effort to keep your property fully leased, your property will be advertised as available, at our expense, until we are successful in finding a tenant. We do not charge the landlord for advertising. To get the word out that your property is available, our agents will place our Pollard and Bagby “For Rent” signs at the property, place ads in the local newspaper, and include a property summary on both our website and our rent list handout. Most likely, the best advertisement we can offer you is our name. People know that Pollard and Bagby, Inc. has been in business serving the Richmond area for over 100 years and they just know to call us for their real estate needs.

Showing and Leasing Property

Once our advertising has worked, a leasing agent will arrange appointments to show your property to prospective tenants. If the prospect is interested in the property, we will have them complete a rental application for our review. Once an application is approved, a security deposit is collected, and a lease is prepared and signed by all parties, then your property will be leased. Our rental agents handle the entire leasing procedure from start to finish.

Obtaining and Reviewing Rental Applications

Rental applications obtained from prospective tenants are carefully reviewed by our leasing agents to determine whether the prospect meets the requirements to lease your property. Our application review process consists primarily of reviewing the applicant’s credit history, verifying employment information, and verifying rental history. Pollard and Bagby, Inc strictly adheres to all federal, state and local regulations regarding all Fair Housing Laws.

Handling of Security Deposits

Security deposits are obtained from tenants at lease signing and are held in an escrow account for the duration of the tenants’ stay in the property. Once a tenant moves out of the property and an inspection of the property has been made, we will determine if there are any deductions for damages or rent owed by the tenant. We will then make the proper and timely disbursement of the security deposit, including any applicable interest. Any deductions for repairs or rent owed will be deposited in the landlord’s account.

Collection of Rent and Late Fees

Pollard and Bagby, Inc’s accounting department will collect and process rent payments each month. Rent is typically due on the 1st of each month and is considered late if received after either the 5th or the 10th of the month, depending on the lease. If the tenant’s rent is received by Pollard and Bagby, Inc. after the late date, then a late fee, according to the lease, will be automatically charged to the tenant. If in the event the tenant is in complete default of the rent then our aggressive collection manager, working in conjunction with a real estate collection attorney, on your behalf, will send the necessary legal documents to obtain the rent and/or obtain possession of the property. Our collection manager can make arrangements for an eviction of the tenant by contacting the Sheriff’s Office, a locksmith and contractors to handle the entire process.

Sending Timely Monthly Statements to our Landlords

Monthly statements are produced and mailed to our landlords each month. Each statement will indicate a complete accounting of income and expenses to the property. It is our aim to deliver monthly statements to our landlords as soon as possible after receiving the tenant’s rent and any property-related expenses are paid.

Payment and Recording of Invoices

All maintenance and other property expenses, which Pollard and Bagby, Inc. is authorized by the landlord to handle, are recorded and paid from the landlords account through our maintenance and accounting departments. Copies of invoices are attached to the landlords monthly statement for the landlord to review. Other property expenses may include, mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, utility bills, and association dues.

Our Property Management Staff Includes:

6 Virginia State Licensed Real Estate Agents
2 Maintenance Coordinators
1 Collection Manager
Our Accounting Department Staff of 4

Pollard & Bagby is currently accepting residential and commercial property for management. Want to know more? A member of our leasing staff will be happy to answer your questions and show you how P&B can save you time and money.

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